3 tips to overcome the challenges while studying abroad.

Posted by EziExperience on 10/05/2020

Have  you/  your  kids  thought  of  studying  abroad?  Wondering  what  are  tips  while studying abroad? You are on the right spot! There  are  so  many  benefits  of  studying  abroad,  including  life  experience enrichment,  becoming  more  independent  and  open  minded,  English  skills improvement, and many others, you name it

However, before enjoying these amazing perks, you are likely to face few challenges while studying overseas. All you need is to be prepared before your trip and deal with these challenges. The following ideas are here to support you!

However, before enjoying these amazing perks, you are likely to face few challenges while studying overseas. All you need is to be prepared before your trip and deal with these challenges. The following ideas are here to support you!

Challenge # 1 Feeling like being alienated

It  could  be  tough  at  times  when  you  have  no  relatives  and  friends  in  foreign countries. It feels lonely upon seeing others chatting together in student café while you eating alone. There are chances that you can’t get local’s inside joke but laugh embarrassingly   to  pretend  you  understand  it.  Sometimes  you  also  get  anxious,thinking  if  others  are  talking  bad  behind  you.  These  scenarios  sound  frustrating right ?

How to handle it?

Just step out and be more active to talk to your classmates and neighbours. Try to share some snacks/ dishes from your home country or introduce your own culture/lifestyle with them. This will be a great opportunity to let people know more about you  and  build  up  your  social  network.  Always  remember  to  be  confident  with yourself and SMILE to others!

Challenge # 2 Unfamiliar with local culture and lifestyle

You may be surprised at local’s casual lifestyle that napping on the grass, strolling after dinner  are just their day-to-day  life. You may not  get  used to having bread/cereal for breakfast and burgers/ sandwiches for lunch. You may feel uncomfortable in parties and shy to dance and sing together. All these are so new to you that can lead to homesickness.

How to handle it?

Gradually embrace the differences surrounding you. Although this could be hard at first, once you adopt accordingly and open up your mind, it will definitely be one of the most memorable life experience! Just roll with life!

Challenge # 3 Language barrier

Fail to order a fancy delicacy and end up with having plain soup noodles? Feeling not confident  with  talking  to  stranger  next  to  you  so  you  keep  playing  boring  mobile games?  Getting  lost  in  downtown  area  but  doesn’t  know  how  to  reach  out?Language barrier is very likely lead to these awkward situation.

How to handle it?

The  more  you  practice,  the  more  possible  you  gain  fluent  English  skills.  First  and foremost, don’t worry about making mistakes because you actually learn more from mistakes. You can talk about common topics such as movie, food, and shows, etc., that is easy lead to pleasant conversation.

Additionally,  when you talk  to native  speakers,  try  to  remember  the  expressions, pronunciation and phrases they use. This will help you speak like a native! Don’t be shy to use body language as this can be a powerful tool to covey your ideas.

And lastly, jot down some potential phrases and questions on your notebook. When you can’t communicate smoothly under special circumstance, just show people your notes so you can get help easily.

The mentioned ideas are common challenges you may face. To overcome effectively, preparation  before  the  trip  is  very  important.  This  is  when  eziexperience’s  service comes to play

We understand cultural difference, language barrier and lack of confidence are 3 major pain points while studying aboard. Our mission is to ease your dilemma.

We provide ultimate virtual homestay experience that allows you/ your kid to learn about local culture, lifestyle, manners and common phrases through interactive live video. You will go on the excursions to local café, zoo and even beach with the hosts to taste future destination.

How  about  language  barriers?  This  can  be  your  first  concern  right?  Don’t  worry about that, our hosts get your back!

Our host are qualified and experienced educators to teach you English skills along with various interesting topics. They will communicate with you in the simplest way.You can always ask questions , share opinions and get instant feedback right away.

All these activities will help you gain value experience and build confidence in your upcoming  overseas  studying  trip.  Sounds  wonderful  right?  Guess  what,  we  have more for you!

We also host parties for students so that you can expand your social network. Airport pick-up  and  free  local  support  (hotline  phone  number)  are  also  included  in  our package. Don’t miss our this opportunity!

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